May 24, 2024

Do Americans feel the chains of tyranny slowly wrapping around them? The left controls every institution in America. And with that control, they use the infrastructure of those institutions to bring Americans under the left’s power.

The legislation that passed out of the Senate, the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, is an inflation-fueling, recession-inducing bill that attacks virtually every segment of American society.

It taxes more than $300 billion worth of small and medium manufacturing businesses — not big businesses. Those taxes will target equipment and Research and Development (R&D). Guess what is going to slow down: the purchase of equipment and R&D activity. The result will be less productivity, less manufacturing of equipment, and huge numbers of lost jobs.

The attack on Americans in the middle and lower economic classes will continue. Adding to the weaponization of every American institution against the American people is this bill’s empowerment of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to investigate and audit more Americans than ever. The Democrats gave the IRS authorization for more than that 87,000 new agents so that the size of the IRS will be larger than the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI and Border Patrol combined.

Now it won’t just be parents at school board meetings that are being monitored and tracked by the Department of Justice or by other federal agents. The left will once again, as under President Obama, use the already overreaching authority of America’s version of the state police — the IRS — to persecute Americans. Will the left use the IRS to go after political opponents like it did under President Obama?

Under President Biden, inflation is the highest in multiple generations — more than 40 years. The economy is shrinking at the same time. Do you feel more, or less, free under Joe Biden?

At the same time that we are watching inflation eat up our savings and paychecks, we are watching the safety of our nation and communities crumble. Big-city mayors, who are almost exclusively Democrats, have advocated for social justice programs that defund the police. Left-wing prosecutors don’t prosecute. No-cash-bail programs put dangerous thugs back out on the streets, often within just a few hours, to create criminal havoc. Do you feel safe going into your cities under Biden’s watch?

And, because of crime, businesses are fleeing some of these cities. Starbucks Coffee, among others, has fled from these dangerous cities. How safe and free are consumers? How free are business owners?

If you have your economic freedom eroded and your personal safety jeopardized by a police state that wants to attack the productive and law-abiding while protecting the criminals of America, how free are you?

Are you free when drugs, criminal gangsters and terrorists flood across our southern border? Or when the Biden regime invites and incentivizes illegal aliens to enter America and then distributes them throughout the country, while deaths caused by smuggled fentanyl poisonings are at record highs? The open-border policies of Biden have threatened our national and personal security. Thus, we are less free.

In countless ways, the Biden government has been weaponized to take away our freedoms and give the national government more power.

America came to be because individuals wanted to be free. The purpose of government in America is to protect our God-given rights and freedoms, not to harm the citizenry.

Americans feel it and know it. We can’t take the remaining two years of the Biden presidency without at least a Republican majority in the House that will actually push back, by using every procedural tool and every leverage point, to counter Joe Biden’s failed presidency.

Only then will we have a chance to at least slow down the slog to the servitude of Gomorrah and the destruction of individual freedom to which the Biden regime is taking us.

Andy Biggs represents Arizona’s 5th District and serves on the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees.


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