April 20, 2024
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

El mariscal de campo de los 49ers de San Francisco, Trey Lance , tuvo una actuación de recuperación el martes, completando 14/17 pases con un touchdown terrestre, mientras levantaba constantemente las cadenas en una de sus mejores prácticas durante el campamento de entrenamiento hasta el momento.

Lance, quien completó 4/12 pases el domingo con una intercepción, no estuvo tan mal como los números indicaron el lunes, pero la actuación del martes fue ciertamente agradable cuando los 49ers se dirijan a su primer partido de pretemporada el viernes contra los Green Bay Packers.

Lance started the day strong, completing his first five passes, which included a 15-yard slant and a 20-yard completion to Brandon Aiyukand a 15-yard comeback and 8-yard out to Deebo Samuelwith the latter throw being in the redzone.

While Lance didn’t pass for a touchdown in my book, he was extremely close on the 8-yard out to Samuel, which could’ve also been ruled a touchdown as well.

However, Lance rushed for a touchdown on the second play of the redzone period, stepping up in the pocket after seeing the pressure on the edges and taking off up the middle for the touchdown. The offensive line had good protection on the play, forcing the defensive line to the outside, allowing Lance to step up and make the correct read.

Lance also rushed for a 40-45 yard gain on a read option down the left sideline. While he could potentially have gone for a touchdown, Talanoa Hufanga was near him on the play and probably would’ve caught up to force him out of bounds.

One of Lance’s better throws of the day came on his sixth completion, where he first looked left, went through his progressions, and took the 7-yard checkdown to Deebo Samuel with pressure closing in.

Similar to the last 2-minute period, Lance successfully drove the offense down the field in a situation where the offense was up by three points, having to travel 65 yards in 2:30. He started the drive with four different rushes, which resulted in two first downs, before making an array of throws to bring the 49ers to within the five-yard line with three seconds left on the drive.

During the move-the-ball period, Lance also was able to move the chains on third down, which was something he struggled with on Sunday, rushing for a 5-yard gain on a 3rd & 3, rolling out for an 18-yard pass to Brandon Aiyuk on a 3rd & 17, and also finding John Jennings for a 10-yard gain on 3rd & 7.

Now, Lance’s bounce-back performance wasn’t without its struggles as well, as the quarterback was inaccurate on a few throws.

First, on Lance’s first completion to Brandon Aiyuk, the quarterback hit the receiver over his back-shoulder on a 12-yard slant, however; there was enough separation for Aiyuk to adjust and continue upfield for a few yards.

Later, Lance hit Kyle Juszczyk wide on a wide-open 4-yard out-route, although the fullback was able to fully extend for the catch. The play did not count as it was a false start.

During the 2-minute drill, on the final play, Lance had a shot at a touchdown to Jauan Jennings on a route to the sideline of the endzone, but the ball was placed somewhat behind the receiver, allowing slot cornerback Samuel Womack to catch up on the play and deflect the pass for a pass-breakup.

Lance also had an ugly near-interception off his back foot on a floated pass that linebacker Fred Warner got his hands on, but did not catch. As Lance was rolling out, he should definitely have thrown the ball out of bounds, but tried making something out of nothing.

Lastly, the 22-year-old quarterback was flustered at times in the redzone, due to holding the ball on too long or receivers not getting open, which resulted in coverage sacks, although the offensive line was normally holding their blocks for the requisite three seconds.

Still, the second-year quarterback had a strong performance, mainly showcasing poise and accuracy while moving the offense downfield with throws to all facets of the field. The 49ers have their last training camp performance on Wednesday, where Lance will look to build on his day to finish the final phase of the offseason on a good note ahead of Friday’s preseason game.

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There was a scary moment during Wednesday’s practice when San Francisco 49ers linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair collided with fullback Kyle Juszczyk. It was worse than it looked, though. It turns out the linebacker just had the wind knocked out of him when the elbow brace on his left was driven into his midsection during the hit. “Get up! You alright,” defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, a former NFL linebacker, said into Al-Shaair’s helmet speaker. Both Al-Shaair and Juszczyk returned to practice. “I play defense for a reason,” Al-Shaair said. “I don’t like getting hit. I like hitting people [instead]. He ran into me, and I got that brace on, so it hit me in my stomach. So I knocked the wind out of myself, honestly.” Al-Shaair underwent left

Following the 49ers’ practice session on Thursday, quarterback Trey Lance spoke publicly for the first time since June while defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans chatted with reporters about what he’s seen so far from his side of the ball — and from the quarterback his defense has been facing. Lance spoke on a number of topics, including what he thought of his first two days of training camp as the team’s starter. Ryans offered his views of Lance, as well as what he’s seen from some of the key players in the secondary and on the defensive line. Plus, there was an interesting Twitter quote Thursday from former 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, who expects to see big things from his former defensive teammates this season. Here’s a run-down of all of

The 49ers cut things fairly short when it came to post-practice media sessions on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any items of interest to pass along. Quarterback Trey Lance and rookie wide receiver Danny Gray were the only players to speak to reporters after practice on Saturday, and each of them talked about a number of topics. Lance spoke about what he’s seen from a number of veterans and young players on offense, while Gray discussed where he is in his development since being selected by the 49ers in Round 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft. And there was another rookie on Saturday who put on a memorable show at practice, albeit in a unique way. Here’s a rundown of what was discussed Saturday afternoon. * Welcome back

El coordinador de equipos especiales de los San Francisco 49ers, Brian Schneider, y el receptor abierto Deebo Samuel hablaron con los reporteros después de la práctica del campo de entrenamiento del martes. Aquí está todo lo que tenían que decir. Transcripción proporcionada por el personal de comunicaciones de los 49ers de San Francisco. Coordinador de Equipos Especiales Brian Schneider Eres con quien tenemos que hablar después de esa práctica con todo lo que pasó, ¿es solo una función del calor y las almohadillas que se encienden un poco? ¿Es eso lo que ves? “Sí, probablemente. Ese fue un día muy caluroso. Probablemente tuvimos nuestra práctica más grande hoy. Lo más que queríamos hacer. Obviamente, esa fue nuestra práctica más larga, así que los muchachos lo estaban persiguiendo y trabajando”. que es la cabeza


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